Society Director General PATRICIA BYRON reports that following the Strategic Review, a new Corporate Strategy is going to the Board and Council.

The last 12 months in the Society have been both busy and productive. In recent weeks, we rolled out a Valuer Registration Roadshow nationally to inform members regarding mandatory registration for those carrying out Red Book valuations. A follow- up communication and support session will take place in the near future.
Additionally, there were several policy initiatives in 2015, such as the publication of the report commissioned from economist Anthony Foley of DCU Business School entitled ‘Policy Options for Supporting the Provision of Housing at Affordable Prices’, which was widely welcomed for addressing issues around the costs of construction in Ireland, a good example of which is on page 13 of this edition of the Surveyors Journal.
There were significant projects undertaken in 2015, notably the new TV advertising campaign, which showcased the professionalism, expertise and diversity of Chartered Surveyors in Ireland. The Society also launched a new IT platform, which includes a new mobile first website and a new membership relationship management database.
In parallel with all the activities initiated by the Society, the major task undertaken internally has been the Strategic Review. This Review gave us the means to measure members’ opinions on the current strengths and any perceived weaknesses in the Society. The associated planning process allows us to map out the opportunities in our immediate and medium-term future. This engagement has involved consultation with every section of the membership.
The new Corporate Strategy will mark a new phase in the development of the Society and will go to Board and Council shortly.
The Society is grateful to all the members and staff who have been so supportive of the process and who gave their time and expertise so freely.
I would also like to note that I am extremely grateful to everyone who has made me feel so welcome in my first year, and I wish every member and all my colleagues in Merrion Square a peaceful and prosperous 2016.

Patricia Byron, SCSI Director

Patricia Byron
Director General