DeparturesA survey of over 300 construction and property firms carried out by the Society has found that there is an emerging shortage of suitably qualified graduates to fill vacancies in property and construction over the coming four-year period. Based on a conservative forecast of economic growth up to December 2019 (3% per annum), the survey found that 2,042 new employment opportunities are expected to be created across the surveying profession.
In order to address this, the Society recently joined forces with ConnectIreland (an initiative that attracts small businesses to Ireland and rewards people for introducing new connections) for a Christmas campaign to encourage Chartered Surveyors working abroad to consider returning to Ireland permanently.
The Society advertised in T2 at Dublin Airport over the Christmas period, and also had a presence in the departures section. A stand provided by ConnectIreland was present for a period of two weeks, providing Chartered Surveyors and others returning home with information on the types of positions that need to be filled to meet demand.