Autumn 2013 Archive

The reservoir theory

The collapse of construction has resulted in the industry shrinking to less than 7% of Ireland’s GNP, an exceptionally low level of activity. The Forfás Report, outlined by Peter Stafford in this edition of the Surveyors Journal, suggests 12% as a target for a sustainable level of output and, given the

Collaborative contracting – the way forward

EMMA O’BRIEN offers a personal view of the case for collaborative contracting. There are many issues with the contracting formats that have been in use in the last decade or two in Ireland, and yet still we stumble from one conciliation procedure to the next. Nobody is

NAMA’s social contract

NAMA is working with State agencies and local housing bodies to deliver properties for social housing purposes. FELIX McKENNA explains. NAMA’s overriding commercial objective is to obtain the best financial return for the State from the management of the loans that it has acquired and the property assets underlying these

Securing the industry’s future

Society President MICHEÁL O’CONNOR say it is vital that the Government implements the Forfás report into the construction industry.  During 2012, the Society worked closely with Forfás, the other construction professional bodies and State agencies in the production of a strategic review of the construction industry in Ireland. The report,

A career path less travelled

JOHN WAIN describes his work in post-disaster reconstruction around the world. In the late 1980s, when the Irish construction industry was in recession, Dublin quantity surveying (QS) firm Mulcahy MacDonagh and Partners had a mantra: ‘have job will travel’. As a young graduate QS from Bolton Street’s part-time programme, it