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Repossessed: The personal insolvency legislation and its effect on the market

Agreements set out under new personal insolvency arrangements, in addition to developments in the area of repossessions, are likely to impact upon the property market over the coming years, says AOIFE BRENNAN. The recently enacted personal insolvency legislation will fundamentally change how we deal with debt and

Rooms to let: Housing Standards Regulations

Full implementation of the Housing Standards Regulations presents onerous obligations for all landlords. JOHN DUFFY explains. It may seem strange that there has been so much recent media coverage around regulations that first came into force in February 2009. The recent attention has come about because full implementation of the Articles

Fit to Play? The growing pressures on the amateur landlord.

Over thirty years ago, in 1982, Brian Dillon and Lancelot O’Brien produced a report for Threshold in which they referred to the private rented sector as the “forgotten sector”. In many respects, the report addresses issues that are still highly relevant today (for example, the failure of large investors to enter

We want tax

PETER STAFFORD outlines the Society’s submission to Government on the property tax. It took the collapse of the property market for many in the Government to properly understand the scale of the exchequer’s reliance on stamp duty as a source of income. In 2007, at the height of the housing market, a full 14%

Tax facts

TOM DUNNE clarifies the issues surrounding different forms of property tax. The debate about property taxes can be intense and often this is due to a lack of clarity about the concepts involved, not to mention the exact meaning of terms used. Such lack of clarity is always a recipe for unhelpful