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MUDdy waters

The new Multi-Unit Development Act does not go far enough, says PAT McGOVERN. Building surveyors through the years have been perplexed by snagging and trying to get developers to finish the common areas of multi-unit developments, such as the sealing of doors/windows to reduce draughts, completion of

MUD is good

The Multi-Unit Development Act 2011 now provides improved protection and dispute resolution for existing and future apartment purchasers, says SIOBHAN O’DWYER. The need for reform This legislation is really welcome, and although the initial Bill was limited, the active participation of so many parties has resulted in

Uncertain times for tax relief

ANDREW CULLEN, President of the Irish Taxation Institute, summarises the proposed restrictions on property-based tax incentives and considers the impact these measures may have. The recent Budget and Finance Act brought both good and bad news for property investors. The cuts to stamp duty rates have been generally welcomed; however, investors


ADRIAN POWER-KELLY takes us through the issues surrounding rates on commercial properties. For businesses and local authorities, revision of the commercial rates regime in Ireland is an increasingly important topic. It was a topic that emerged before the General Election and, because some businesses have seen their rates bill increase