Spring 2011 Archive

Member rewarded for charity work

Mark FitzGerald, CEO of Sherry FitzGerald, has been named as International Philanthropist of the Year at a ceremony in Dublin. He received the award for his work with Amawele, the South African children’s charity that runs a cultural twinning programme between Irish and South African schools. The awards, now in their

Our voice

Editor, Tom Dunne, on the role of the Surveyors Journal in the profession. Welcome to this first edition of the Surveyors Journal. Publications perform an important role in the life of professional bodies by providing information to members but also by giving a voice for the profession in the wider

A new era for Chartered Surveyors

As outgoing presidents of the Society of Chartered Surveyors and the Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute, the first edition of this new Journal is an appropriate place for us to commend and thank the members and staff of both the IAVI and the SCS in bringing the Society of Chartered Surveyors

A big mistax!

LORCAN SIRR reviews the errors of the past and makes a case for property-based incentives in the future. Taxes are one of those aspects of life for which most people can see a purpose but that few enjoy paying. This is particularly so when no discernible benefit is directly obvious

Uncertain times for tax relief

ANDREW CULLEN, President of the Irish Taxation Institute, summarises the proposed restrictions on property-based tax incentives and considers the impact these measures may have. The recent Budget and Finance Act brought both good and bad news for property investors. The cuts to stamp duty rates have been generally welcomed; however, investors