Summer 2011 Archive

Brave new world

EUGENE McGOVERN offers an update on the technologies that have revolutionised land surveying in recent years. The term geomatics was introduced in the 1990s to incorporate the older field of land surveying along with the many other aspects of spatial data management that have arisen in recent

Sink or swim

A new national flood policy has redefined the approach to flood risk management in Ireland, promoting a pro-active and catchment-based approach to the assessment and management of national flood risk, says COLIN BRAY. For decades, flood management in Ireland focused primarily on drainage and rural embankment schemes

Tender challenges

Scarcity of public contracts and greater rights for providers increase the chances of challenge in public procurement, says TERENCE WOULFE-FLANAGAN. The new “Review” Procedures (S.I. No. 130 of 2010 Regulations entitled European Communities (Public Authorities’ Contracts) (Review Procedures) Regulations 2010), aka “Remedies”, which were introduced in late

A case for control?

Oliver Held argues for independent building inspections for construction in Ireland. A recent case (Liberty V Campagna Ltd [UK/Campagna Limited Ireland]. Technology and Construction Court HT09-160 +161) heard in the Technology and Construction Court in London indicates why a new not-for-profit regulatory framework is the only answer

Open to challenge?

NIALL MICHEL and LAURA RATTIGAN examine the constitutionality of a retrospective undoing of upwards only rent review clauses. Background For the purposes of this article, we will define an “upwards only rent review clause” (a UORR clause) as a clause in a lease that gives the landlord