Summer 2011 Archive

An officer and a president

As he takes on the role of President of the new Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, ANN-MARIE HARDIMAN spoke to John Curtin about his hopes for the Society and the industry. The merger of the IAVI and SCS was a momentous development for the construction, land and property sectors,

MUDdy waters

The new Multi-Unit Development Act does not go far enough, says PAT McGOVERN. Building surveyors through the years have been perplexed by snagging and trying to get developers to finish the common areas of multi-unit developments, such as the sealing of doors/windows to reduce draughts, completion of

Better resourced, better regulated

Over the last few weeks a delegation of Society staff, accompanied by Peter Stapleton, Kersten Mehl or myself, have been attending the AGMs of the Professional Groups and Regional Committees of our newly formed Society. It is heartening to see that so soon after our formal launch, groups of members are

Economic overview – how did we get here?

PETER STAFFORD looks at the reports analysing the economic collapse, the role of the property sector, and how improvement might occur. One of the last tasks of the outgoing government was to commission a series of reports on the causes and consequences of the collapse in the

Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland launched in Dublin

The official launch of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland took place on April 12 at the Aviva Stadium and was attended by over 250 guests. Speeches were made by Joint Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland Presidents Kersten Mehl and Peter Stapleton, who welcomed the launch of