Winter 2012 Archive

A changing nation

And so we have a fully formed, if imperfect, property tax. Although many years in the making, and with many issues still to be clarified, it is still a progressive step in terms of taxation in this country. The prospect of the rate of the tax being varied by the

Measuring the impact of Budget 2013

President ROLAND O’CONNELL reflects on an eventful year for the Society and the country. This edition of the Journal is a snapshot of the Society’s activities over the last quarter. The wide range of projects undertaken by our professional body reflects the scope of activities and services that Chartered Surveyors

Rate my Dub

A major rebalancing of rates is about to take place in Dublin, says RORY LAVELLE. Dublin business owners were recently issued with new Proposed Valuation Certificates from the Commissioner of Valuation, as part of the revaluation process being carried out by the Valuation Office, with new rates effective from January 2014.

Solving the data puzzle

NIAMH O’REILLY and EUGENE McGOVERN explain how the integration of geomatics and building information modelling can enhance planning and management of buildings. Building information modelling (BIM) is a maturing process used to generate and manage data about buildings during their entire life cycle. BIM is a tool that facilitates the flow of information within

No smoke without fire? Fire safety and building standards in Ireland

In the aftermath of Priory Hall, questions are being asked about fire safety and building standards in Ireland. KEVIN HOLLINGSWORTH assesses the scale of the problem. The Priory Hall debacle has raised considerable queries in the public’s mind in relation to the building standards imposed in this country. It is the