If I can identify one theme in this edition of the Surveyors Journal, it is that there is a lot of thinking going on about property and construction as these industries emerge from the deep troubles of recent years. Our President Micheál O’Connor’s reflections on the Medium-Term Economic Strategy Consultative Forum in Dublin Castle are worth a read. Provocative ideas are always needed to enhance analysis and to ensure the development of robust policies for the future. An event such as this is a necessary part of planning and helps to develop thought. Clearly this was an interesting day.

One question that came up is worth thinking about. Are we too safe a nation? Are we innovative enough? Also important is the question of Dublin in contrast to the rest of Ireland and how we manage this given the notion that cities are increasingly seen as the attraction rather than countries. These are big questions for Ireland and Micheál’s piece is worth a read.

A better future will come from an intelligent interpretation of information about demography and markets. Brian Hughes looks at demography and says that the days of relying on ‘developer intuition’ are gone. Again analysis is helped by the greater understanding of underlying demographic trends Brian gives us here.

John McCartney’s article on the amount of data now available about property markets will help all surveyors to understand and interpret the growing number of indices tracking prices in residential property markets. A better comprehension of these indices is a necessary part of being a professional advising people in construction and property markets.

There is much food for thought here to enhance the Chartered Surveyors’ understanding of property and construction, and this will help all of us to provide better advice to clients.

Tom DunneTom Dunne