By 2025, the world will generate two billion tonnes of construction waste annually.

Building materials account for half of the solid waste generated every year worldwide. Construction and demolition waste (CDW) is the largest waste stream in the EU. In 2007 (peak of the last construction boom), over 18m tonnes of construction waste was produced in Ireland. To put that in context, every house and business in Ireland combined produced 2m tonnes of waste that year!
Certifications such as LEED encourage proper management of construction debris. The EU Waste Framework Directive (2018/2008/98/EC) clarifies the definition and use of construction and
demolition waste for back filling, as well as increasing focus on waste prevention. However, lack of standardisation, low margins, poor policy push, lack of awareness and lack of resources are all barriers.

Krystyna Rawicz
Managing Director, KRA Visionary Project Partners