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Patrick Shine, Head of Dublin City Council’s Survey and Legal Mapping Division, and Dr Finnian Ó Cionnaith at the launch of Mapping, Measurement and Metropolis, How Land Surveyors Shaped Eighteenth Century Dublin.

Mapping, Measurement and Metropolis, How Land Surveyors Shaped Eighteenth Century Dublin by Dr Finnian Ó Cionnaith was launched recently at the Dublin City Library & Archives on Pearse Street. This interesting book charts the key role that geomatics/land surveyors played in the shaping of Georgian Dublin and how their legacy lives on in the modern world. Its chapters demonstrate that despite advances in data capture technology, unforeseen even a few years ago, many of the fundamental principles of land surveying in use by today’s land or geomatics surveyors were in use in the eighteenth century. The book is available in all good book shops and also on the Four Courts Press website.