Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) has created a wonderful resource on its website – www.osi.ie – which allows visitors to view free of charge aerial photography and mapping. Also available to view (and purchase) is historic mapping of the 1st Editions of the 6” and 25” maps (c.1840). The viewer is part of OSi’s online shop, where a number of products have been made available for purchase. These include printable planning packs, environmental reports, Land Registry maps in Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM), and aerial photography and historic mapping.

The map viewer is easy to use, allowing visitors to search by address, co-ordinate or townland. Users can also ‘click and drag’ to find a location. Once the user finds the required location they select ‘Buy Map’ in the menu on the top right of the viewer, select the product from the list displayed, ‘add to cart’ and go to checkout as required. Customers will receive a link to their ordered PDF files, which can be downloaded to their PC.

This website and map viewer has been a great success for OSi and is proving a valuable resource for both professionals and the public.