The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) has established an adjudication panel of experienced dispute resolution experts to deal with construction contract payment disputes.
The move follows the passing of the Construction Contracts Act 2013, which introduces statutory adjudication as a means to settle payment disputes in Irish construction contracts for the first time. The new process applies to all construction contracts entered into after July 25, 2016. Parties to a dispute can agree to apply to the Society for a nominated adjudicator from the panel or can agree to select an adjudicator from the panel themselves. The Society’s panel will provide an alternative to the panel of adjudicators set up by Junior Minister Pat Breen.
The SCSI believes that adjudication can offer a quick and effective alternative to the current forms of dispute resolution and litigation. The SCSI will continue to encourage parties to use non-litigious routes to avoid or settle disputes, and will continue to provide experienced panellists for mediation, conciliation and expert determination.
Gerard O’Sullivan, Chair of the Disputes Resolution Standing Committee at the SCSI, said the Act introduces a statutory payment process, which will aid cash flow in the construction industry and ensure that parties have effective remedies where disputes arise.
Statutory adjudication is widely used in the UK and other jurisdictions. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the main established appointing body for adjudicators in the UK and similar processes have been followed by the SCSI in establishing the panel of adjudicators for the Irish construction industry.
The assessment of construction contract payments is a fundamental element of a Chartered Quantity Surveyor’s job, which makes them ideally suited to act in the role of adjudicator.
The SCSI panel of adjudicators is available in the Dispute Resolution Section of the Society’s website at