Apex Surveys has announced a new division of the company – Apex Drone, which the company states will utilise a wide range of UAV technology to produce high-accuracy surveys, industrial inspections, professional imaging and more.
The data collected from Apex’s drones is processed in house by a team of photogrammetrists, geomatics surveyors, BIM modellers, CAD technicians and media editors.
Apex states that its Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)-certified flight team, combined with its comprehensive drone-specific insurance cover, ensures that projects are carried out safely and efficiently, and in compliance with IAA drone regulations.
The company has also announced that it is now offering mobile mapping services in Ireland.
Mobile mapping is a method of surveying that utilises vehicle- mounted laser scanners and other technology to survey large areas in a short amount of time.
Some typical applications for this service include: topographic surveys for large road projects; railway surveys; and, airport runway and taxiway surveys. Apex states that it is possible to survey 100km or more in a single day and is cost effective for large route surveys.