The new SCSI President has hit the ground running and is eager to tackle the complex problems facing the sector.

Chartered Surveyors have a crucial role to play in building sustainability.

Becoming a Chartered Valuation Surveyor back in 2000 was a proud day for both myself and my family, as it meant that many years of hard work at a job and profession that I love had paid off.
I had no idea that 19 years later I would be elected as President of the Society, so to say that I am truly honoured is an understatement and I thank the members of the Society for my election.
I am a true believer in getting straight to the task and not wasting time, and I have already followed up on a number of initiatives and suggestions from members. Many past presidents have said that it is a very busy year. It is also a very short one, and I intend to use my time as effectively as possible for the benefit of all members, by discipline and location. If you have any ideas you would like to discuss please do get in touch.

Through the ranks
I am a registered valuer and a Director in the valuation and advisory department in Cushman & Wakefield, where I head up the fund valuation team. I have served for two years on the Society Board as Senior Vice President (VP) and Second VP, and am also a member of the Valuation Professional Group. I also participate in several projects and working groups, including the Sustainability Group, and the Red Book Group. I have also represented the Society on the RICS International Valuation Standards Board.
We are now at a turning point. There’s a change in occupier requirements and in our lifestyles, in how we use buildings and streets for commercial, residential and civic use. At the same time, mental health awareness and climate change have become some of the most important considerations of our lives. As Chartered Surveyors, we are well placed to use our expertise to make changes for the better. We need to take action to ensure that we provide advice that informs and educates our clients, SCSI members and the general public. It’s not sustainable for us to continue as we are; we need to think differently in order to build better buildings.
With that in mind, this edition of the Journal has a strong focus on sustainability. Katerina Kopecna discusses the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), and how it can help investors and property management companies assess the sustainability of their assets. We also have an article from Krystyna Rawicz on the role of Chartered Surveyors in making 2020-2030 the decade of sustainability. Krystyna has also written an interesting article on construction waste for The Last Word.
We also have Part II of our fascinating article on satellites for construction site monitoring, and an excellent profile of Galway City. There is also a profile of Eloise Heron discussing her fulfilling role as an APC assessor, and a fascinating interview with Dave Walsh, the Chairman of An Bord Pleanála.

Johanna Gill