As autumn is upon us, Director General PATRICIA BYRON is pleased to announce that the Society is progressing on a number of fronts.

Firstly, the development of the SCSI’s Corporate Strategy 2016-18 is underway and we are travelling around the country, along with the President and Board members where possible, seeking members’ views and input into the strategy. This is a membership strategy and I hope to engage with as many members as possible during the process to ensure that we deliver a value proposition for all of our members, recognising their expert sectors underpinned by our collective commitment to the highest professional standards, exemplars in construction, land and property. I would encourage all to participate in this important review; in particular, I would put a special call out to those who are not involved in the Society – we really want to hear from all of our members.
In tandem with the strategy review, we are currently upgrading the premises to make sure it is fitting for the professional body that represents the construction, land and property sectors, and those visiting Merrion Square will see the beginning of our work in this regard.
Business continues as usual in the meantime. All of the professional groups and regions have resumed; we have met with the Chairpersons of the various professional groups and business plans are in place for each group.
One of the key focuses of the Society over the coming months will be the running of national roadshows on Valuer Registration, which will be introduced on a mandatory basis early next year, coinciding with the transposition of the Mortgage Credit Directive. A key part of our strategy is to ensure recognition of the high standards of Red Book valuations and to bring best international practice into Ireland, and we are engaging with the various financial institutions in this regard.
This is an exciting time for our profession and all at the SCSI are looking forward – with your help – to planning and implementing the next phase of the Society’s evolution as the country’s leading independent professional body for construction, land and property professionals.
I look forward to meeting many of you over the course of the strategy review.

Patricia Byron, SCSI Director

Patricia Byron
Director General