The Society, in conjunction with each of the four Regional Branches, launched a property advice campaign over a four week period, which resulted in Chartered Surveyors appearing in 21 regional newspapers across the country. Almost one million people per week are estimated to have seen the  weekly property advice columns.

The campaign heavily promoted the ‘Check. They’re Chartered.’ tagline and 84 Chartered Surveyors from the Residential Agency, Building Surveying and Quantity Surveying Professional Groups were featured.

The purpose of the campaign was to promote the professionalism of Chartered Surveyors by providing relevant and useful professional advice on a range of property and construction issues to the public, and to encourage the public to contact their local Chartered Surveyor via the ‘Find a Surveyor’ search on the Society’s website.

The first week of the campaign focused on residential property issues such as mortgage interest relief and the costs involved in selling a property.

The second week focused on the reinstatement costs of a property for insurance purposes, as well as the importance of having a Chartered Quantity Surveyor involved in a building project.

The third week focused on property tax, as well as the regulation of auctioneers/estate agents and the importance of working with a Chartered Surveyor and Estate Agent. The final week focused on the importance of having a pre-purchase survey carried out before buying a property, and the benefits of working with a Chartered Building Surveyor.

The public was encouraged to visit the Society’s website to download a variety of guides.