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Forfás Report should be implemented urgently, says Society

The Society has welcomed the publication of the Forfás report on the future of the construction sector and called for a joined-up approach between all stakeholders to ensure its effective implementation. The Society said that the report, entitled ‘Ireland’s Construction Sector: Outlook and Strategic Plan to 2015’, represented a very important step forward in terms of restoring a

Building the future: latest Forfás report

PETER STAFFORD analyses the latest report into the construction industry from Forfás. As part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2012, Forfás was asked to develop a national strategy for the construction industry, following engagement with stakeholders including the professional bodies. The report, ‘Ireland’s Construction Sector:

The reservoir theory

The collapse of construction has resulted in the industry shrinking to less than 7% of Ireland’s GNP, an exceptionally low level of activity. The Forfás Report, outlined by Peter Stafford in this edition of the Surveyors Journal, suggests 12% as a target for a sustainable level of output and, given the

Securing the industry’s future

Society President MICHEÁL O’CONNOR say it is vital that the Government implements the Forfás report into the construction industry.  During 2012, the Society worked closely with Forfás, the other construction professional bodies and State agencies in the production of a strategic review of the construction industry in Ireland. The report,