Homelessness Archive

Rent certainty and its role in preventing homelessness

Niamh Randall says that to stem homelessness, we need to keep people in the homes they already have.

Only thing certain… is uncertainty

A strong economic recovery could be hit by Brexit, but there are also scenarios where Ireland will benefit strongly. Either way, housing issues remain a huge social concern and a potential barrier to economic growth, says TOM DUNNE.

Housing is a multifaceted issue

With the death of a homeless man in front of our parliament, housing has come into sharp focus in the public eye. TOM DUNNE says this is a timely edition of the Journal. Housing is the issue of the moment and it is the problem of the

A home of their own

ANN-MARIE HARDIMAN spoke to Liz Carey, Housing Officer with Focus Ireland, about her role in an innovative approach to tackling homelessness. Liz has worked in the property sector since 2000, when she joined the family firm, Property Team Carey, in Enfield, Co. Meath. After surviving boom and