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Judgments throw light on landlord/tenant disputes

STEPHEN SCOTT reports on the RICS Dilapidations Forum Conference.

The LionHeart is open

The benevolent fund of the RICS, LionHeart, is there to help members no matter where they are in the world.

The world of surveying

A directory of national and international bodies which the SCSI has links with.

Brexit brings uncertainty

JEREMY BLACKBURN, Head of Policy and Parliamentary Affairs for the RICS, outlines how Brexit has had an initially negative impact on the UK economy and property market, but that the only thing certain in the immediate future is uncertainty.

Only thing certain… is uncertainty

A strong economic recovery could be hit by Brexit, but there are also scenarios where Ireland will benefit strongly. Either way, housing issues remain a huge social concern and a potential barrier to economic growth, says TOM DUNNE.