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Launch of house building costs report

On May 18 the SCSI released 'The Real Cost of New House Delivery'.

Know the Code

EAMONN MAGUIRE and BRIAN MELDON introduce the SCSI’s new Business Leasing Code for Landlords and Tenants.

On whose authority?

The Society's latest policy report calls for the establishment of a National Housing Authority to "be responsible for ensuring...

House hunting

Reassuring action from Government on housing is required, and the Society’s report is a valuable contribution, says TOM DUNNE.

Celebrating signs of growth

Society President PAULINE DALY sums up the wide range of activities currently underway in the SCSI. I’d like to welcome you all to this edition of the Surveyors Journal, which features a range of interesting articles on the key current issues in property, land and construction. It