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How has proptech impacted on the surveying sector?

APPY talk

In the next instalment of our technology series, EMMA O’BRIEN looks at construction apps. Whether behind a desk or on site, technology continues its advance into construction’s daily work, and mobile and tablet app makers are keeping pace. There are approximately 13,000 construction apps available now, taking

There’s an app for that

In the first of what we hope will be a regular tech spot in the Surveyor’s Journal, FRANK HARRINGTON highlights some apps that may be of use to surveyors. Dictation apps Applications that are likely to be equally relevant to all surveyors are dictation apps. These offer

Ubiquitous UAVs

Dr Eugene McGovern talks us through the use of UAVs in surveying. Remote-control model aircrafts are familiar to most and have been around for years. ‘Drones’ are a modern, and technologically sophisticated, form of remote-control model aircraft. Most of us associate drones with the large pilotless aircraft

Brave new world

EUGENE McGOVERN offers an update on the technologies that have revolutionised land surveying in recent years. The term geomatics was introduced in the 1990s to incorporate the older field of land surveying along with the many other aspects of spatial data management that have arisen in recent